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We firmly believe that a knowledgeable client is the best client. The last thing you need is to waste your time and hard-earned money, paying for services that you don�t need� and put your family in harms way in the process. With so many solutions available to you, do you know which solution is best for you? Here are a few possible options for you to consider:
  • 1. Offer-in-Compromise (also known as �Pennies on the Dollar�): This is a great program, but is it for you? Do you know that most offers are rejected? Do you know why? Do you know how to make acceptable offers? Do you know how much you have to offer? Without knowing these facts, all you�d do is wasting your time and money. Worse, you can make yourself vulnerable to further attacks from the IRS.

  • 2. Payment Plans: There are at least 3 different payment plans. Do you know what�s best do you? Do you know how to minimize your payment amount?

  • 3. Bankruptcy: Do you know when you should file for bankruptcy protection or when you should not? Do you know when bankruptcy can write off IRS debts and when it cannot? Do you know when the IRS is a Priority Creditor and when they are not?

  • 4. Audit Reconsideration: Sometimes, it�s best to reopen the audit because you may not owe the tax to begin with. Do you know when or how to do that? Do you know what it�d take to win an audit?

  • 5. Amending the tax returns: Sometimes, it�s best to redo the tax returns because you may not owe the tax to begin with. Do you know when or how to do that?

  • 6. Tax court litigation: Sometimes, it�s best to take the IRS to court because they�re so unreasonable. Do you know when or how to do that? Do you know what it�d take to win in tax court?

In fact, 90% of the attorneys, accountants, enrolled agents (and yes, even former IRS agents) don�t know these answers either. It takes years of on-hand training and experience in accounting, tax law, bankruptcy law and criminal law (in and out of court) to maneuver through the maze of the income tax law and creditors law to determine your best solution. In fact, the chance of an average taxpayer to figure out the best solution all by himself is one in 10 billion. Whether you�re so confused, ready to give up or just want a second opinion, completely FREE and without obligations. Click to register for your FREE evaluations.


* Financial Evolutions, LLC is not associated with the U.S. Treasury or Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and we will not volunteer your information with them in any way. Due to the limited nature of information provided, no responsibility is accepted by Financial Evolutions, LLC for any loss or damage arising in any way. Also, we are not contracted or obligated to contact the IRS or solve your tax problems for you until a contract is signed and paid

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