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Accounts Payable Audit
Accounts Payable Recovery Services

Financial Evolutions offers clients a wide range of accounting, systems,
and internal control services, with Accounts Payable Recovery Audit
leading the way.

Accounts Payable Recovery is performed at no cost to the Client;
income is generated to add to the profits, or to fund other accounting
or systems improvements. Thus the Client receives significant benefits
without having to incur added expenses.

The A/P recovery service is performed by the Financial Evolutions staff,
with no disruption of the client�s activities. All potential recovery items
are researched and documented and presented to the Client for review and approval on a weekly basis.

Financial Evolutions� fees are paid as a commission of the refunds and
credits actually received by the Client, not on anticipated or estimated

At the completion of the Recovery program, Financial Evolutions
provides the Client a Management Report with additional analysis of
the results and recommendations for potential improvement in the
purchasing/payable procedures, all at no cost.

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Combined Services:

Often Clients choose to allocate some or all of the excess recovery
amounts to have Financial Evolutions, or its sister firm - Business
Evolutions, provide other needed services. This might include audits,
systems/procedures/internal control improvement, new
systems/software installations and upgrades, employee/organization
evaluation and training or other needed improvements.

These additional services are available using only the excess recovery
funds, without having to obtain extra funds.

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This is not a CPA firm

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